MTL is conversant in conducting social impact assessment and planning for effective social mitigation plans that could mitigate Project adverse impacts and enhance the positive ones.  Our fundamental principles in Social Impact Assessment are underpinned to ensure:

  • Diverse stakeholders are consulted and are involved in assessing Project impacts and alternatives;
  • Focus on people centric assessment;
  • Methods and assumptions are transparent and replicable and;
  • Feedback on Social Impact Assessment is transparent.


MTL Consulting have a wide experience in conducting impact assessments on cultural heritage to define the nature and scale of the potential impacts on cultural heritage resources associated with the Project. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the necessary heritage studies are completed with sensitivity to the development Project.

The company also provides our clients with advisory services on;

  •  Archaeological strategy for the development to be integrated with the planning process,
  • Preliminary program of site evaluation to detect the character and depth of archaeological remains, if any.


We carry out Health Impact Assessments (HIA) to identify potential positive and negative impacts of new developments on health, wellbeing and health inequalities. The assessment usually includes explicit consideration of how a proposed development will impact different population groups and includes recommendations to mitigate any harm to health and enhance any benefits.

We provide technical advice for HIA and our multi-disciplinary environmental consulting experience with our wide range of specialist environmental knowledge provide us with the skills required to carry out detailed and project-specific HIA.


Environmental Audits are intended to review the site’s/company’s legal compliance status in an operational context. Compliance audits generally begin with determining the applicable compliance requirements against which the operations will be assessed.

MTL has experienced Environmental Compliance Auditors who are certified by the IEMA. Within the past 15 years MTL has managed to successfully undertake compliance and system audits for large scale mining operations in Tanzania.

MTL guarantees quality and timely delivery of the audit findings for legal compliance and site operational improvements.


MTL conducts Land acquisition and resettlement in accordance to the IFC Performance Standards, Equator principles and World Bank Guidelines. IFC Performance Standard five “Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement” is used as a guideline when conducting Land Acquisition and Resettlement. MTL ensures that the whole process of land acquisition and resettlement is beneficial to the displaced people. MTL works hard to ensure that the resettlement;

  • Avoids or minimizes displacement by exploring project designs;
  • Restores project affected people’s livelihood;
  • Avoids/minimizes adverse social and economic impacts from land acquisition or restrictions on land by providing; (1) compensation for loss of assets and replacement costs and (2) ensuring that resettlement activities are implemented with appropriate disclosure  of information, consultation, and informed participation of those affected.
  • To improve or restore the livelihoods and standards of living of displaced persons; and
  • To improve living conditions among physically displaced persons through the provision of adequate housing with security of tenure at resettlement sites.