We provide mineral exploration programmes for base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals and gemstones. The range of services we provide are as provided below

  • Geological mapping and trenching
  • Geophysical Survey Services including Ground Magnetic Survey, Airborne Magnetic Survey, Induced Polarization (IP), resistivity surveys, self-potential, Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) etc.
  • Geochemical studies; use of NITON XRF Machine for rapid delineation of geochemical anomalies, increase sample density over tradition lab methods and direct analysis of drill core and cutting to drive mineral exploration directly on site.
  • Drilling services to tress and confirm for mineral potential/resources including AC drilling, RAB drilling, core drilling.


MTL has significant experience in preparing and submitting mining and prospecting right applications, these include all the necessary permits and related authorizations.

We prepare a Legal Register/permitting plan based on a legislative review and in relation to a particular project, from the initial stages of the project execution to closure. This forms a primary reference document used as the basis of the assessment for legal compliance in the HSE field.


We conduct feasibility study which analyze and select the optimum mining methods, mine access, production planning and scheduling, personnel and material handling, mine services, financial and economic analysis.We undertake sensitivity analysis and risk assessment, infrastructure requirements and environmental analysis and Preparation of bankable reports, mining planning and scheduling and Mine production.

We provide services of preparing a Legal Register/permitting plan based on a legislative review and in relation to a particular Mining Project, from the initial stages of the Project, execution and closure. This will form a primary reference document and will be the basis of the assessment of legal compliance in the HSE field.

MTL has significant experience in carrying out the required processes to prepare and submit Mining and prospecting right applications, this includes all the necessary permits and related authorizations.


Mine Closure Planning is both a legal requirement and an industry’s good practice that allows Mines to carry out designs with mine closure in mind. Early planning for closure enables the Company to address specific Project issues and uncertainties in the designs which can be updated over the life cycle of the Project. With limited information at the feasibility study stage regarding Closure, a conceptual plan is usually prepared and is required in Tanzania as part of the Environmental Impact Statement that needs Government approval prior to issuance of the Mining Licence. The Conceptual Closure Plan needs to be updated regularly as more operational data, information and studies become available. MTL assists its Clients in preparation of conceptual closure plans and updating them to “Detailed Closure Plans”.


Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) is commonly carried out in many parts of Tanzania aiming at production of various types of minerals such as sand, gold, gemstones, gravels, tin, copper ores, gypsum, dimension stones and industrial minerals to mention a few. MTL Consulting Company Ltd provides high quality independent and professional consultancy services to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector in supporting small-scale mining within Tanzania and outside Tanzania. Small-scale operations usually have limited funding, and ability to optimize the use of fund is critical in these operations. With the increasing overheads and commitments associated with employing full-time staff, outsourcing of Exploration and Mining Personnel makes good economic and legal sense. Other Services we provide include;

  •  Environmental management.
  •  Legal requirements
  •  Delineation of mineralized veins.
  •  Estimation of Tonnes and grade of mineable Resources.
  •  Undertaking Economic viability of the project
  •  Social economic analysis
  •  Mining method selection and implementation
  •  Mineral Processing and Recoveries studies and advice