Environmental Impact Assessments (IFC and local compliance) are conducted to ensure that legal requirements for new developments or processes are complied with. Furthermore, the process ensures that significant environmental impacts are identified in advance and appropriate mitigation measures are implemented to minimize the impact.

MTL has the expertise and experience to undertake the full range of studies required for EIAs. This includes the statutory public participation and consultation process, specialist studies and all the required interactions with the regulating authorities.

MTL’s approach towards EIA development also emphasizes the management of identified risks, thus adding significant value to the organisation beyond the delivery of a report submitted to regulators for approval. Environmental statements on internal and external processes and activities are available to companies that do not require a full management program or impact assessment.


Environmental Audits are intended to review the site’s/company’s legal compliance status in an operational context. Compliance audits generally begin with determining the applicable compliance requirements against which the operations will be assessed. MTL has experienced Environmental Compliance Auditors who are certified by the IEMA. Within the past 15 years MTL has managed to successfully undertake compliance and system audits for large scale mining operations in Tanzania.

MTL guarantees quality and timely delivery of the audit findings for legal compliance and site operational improvements.


Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) is a crucial entity in extractive, infrastructure and renewable energy operations. The ESMP ensures that the Environment is managed properly. In Tanzania the ESMP section within the EIS once approved it becomes a legal compliance document/activities.

Over the past 20 years MTL has successfully create and update ESMPs for different extractive industries eg Mining, Quarry. MTL also has a good pool of experts who are capable of operationalize the different sections of the ESMP e.g. Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Monitoring, Surface and Groundwater monitoring, social and stakeholder engagement.


Through environmental monitoring, MTL helps the company improve environmental performance of their operation. The environmental performance are evaluated based on implementation of measures and levels for management of the environmental impacts.

Our experts use broad range of knowledge and skills for monitoring any environmental changes against established regulatory guidelines, standards baselines and monitoring efforts In order to capture this, MTL has been involving its experts in monitoring different projects (mining, oil, gas, water) already in operation.

As part of environmental monitoring, air quality monitoring, potable water and wastewater quantity and quality monitoring are carried out in order to ascertain and manage occupational and community health and safety as well as ecological health .The key components in the environmental monitoring among others are:

  •  Enviro census;
  •  Measurement of Environmental Indicators;
  •  Evaluation of Environmental Indicators by comparing with applicable standards and baseline studies;
  •  Root cause analysis of the environmental quality changes; and
  •  Development of the feasible mitigation and prevention measures programs.