MTL has significant experience in preparing permit matrix and assist our client in acquisition of permits/licence in energy sector. We prepare and submit mining and prospecting right applications, including all the necessary permits, approvals and related authorizations. As such, we prepare Legal Register/permitting matrix based on a legislative review and in relation to particular Oil and Gas projects, from the initial phase of the project to closure.


MTL Consulting undertakes Environmental services to the energy sector. This to include the following

  • ESIA and environmental audit studies for the 2D Seismic surveys,
  • ESIA and environmental audit for 3D Seismic surveys, and
  • ESIA & environmental audit for drilling programmes.
  • Environmental and Social Due diligence.
  • Environmental and social monitoring studies
  • Technical studies including water resources, biodiversity assessment, health impact assessment, cultural heritage assessment, stakeholder and socioeconomic assessment, soils assessment, radiation studies, visual amenity and GIS services, air quality noise and vibration studies, RAP, etc…


MTL identify and recommend potential wind and solar sites to assist investors in selecting areas for investments.


MTL Consulting provides geotechnical investigation. We Offers the following to support the infrastructure sector

  • Drilling services including Auguring and Coring drilling, Standard Penetration Test (SPT) performance,
  • On site soil and Rocks sampling for laboratory Testing etc.
  • Geophysical surveys, including seismic refraction, ground magnetic surveys, electrical resistivity, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT).
  • Geotechnical construction services to support new construction Projects, i.e.  Highway material selection and Testing, laboratory testing for soil modification, evaluation of foundation bearing conditions, and site geotechnical investigations.
  • Pressure meter testing in-situ (in place) testing performed to maximize the information obtained during subsurface exploration and field-testing programs, and to provide the project team with bearing capacity and settlement analysis information.