MTL underpins that hydrological baseline study is crucial undertaking for successful development of the Project. MTL also believes that environmental and Project benefits may be achieved as a result of hydrological impact management.
We bring reputable methodologies, leading edge technologies and transfer of knowledge and skills to practically manage development impacts on hydrological responses during project planning.
Our experts have significant philosophical knowledge on how Project may affects hydrological responses, and how hydrological responses may affect the Project and/or Project facilities. To counteract these cases, MTL is indebted to integrate the engineering and consulting skills in provision of the following services, among others:
• Hydro census-Water sources identification and mapping;
• Water Flow Assessment-Measure water flows by current meter, Q-Liners and V-Notch
• Project Water Demand (Operational Water Balance) and Water Availability (Ambient Water Balance);
• Root cause analysis of the hydrological responses changes;
• Prediction of Hydrological process, quality and quantity;
• Water Quality Assessment-Collecting water samples and assessing physical, chemical and biological indicators of water quality.
• Development of the feasible hydrological impact, monitoring and management programs.