Environmental Monitoring

Through environmental monitoring, MTL helps the company improve environmental performance of their operation. The environmental performance are evaluated based on implementation of measures and levels for management of the environmental impacts.

Our experts use broad range of knowledge and skills for monitoring any environmental changes against established regulatory guidelines, standards baselines and monitoring efforts In order to capture this, MTL has been involving its experts in monitoring different projects (mining, oil, gas, water) already in operation.

As part of environmental monitoring, air quality monitoring, potable water and wastewater quantity and quality monitoring are carried out in order to ascertain and manage occupational and community health and safety as well as ecological health .The key components in the environmental monitoring among others are:

  •  Envirocensus;
  •  Measurement of Environmental Indicators;
  •  Evaluation of Environmental Indicators by comparing with applicable standards and baseline studies;
  •  Root cause analysis of the environmental quality changes; and
  •  Development of the feasible mitigation and prevention measures programs.