Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Survey

MTL undertake baseline Air quality assessments. Noise and Vibration Survey. The assessments are carried out for many different development projects, in a range of existing environments. The proposed schemes often require multiple impacts to be assessed, both as part of the proposed development, or as part of the existing environment. The team is well experienced in meeting the demands of developers from different backgrounds and understands their different requirements and methods of operation. We are familiar with relevant legislation, national planning guidance and with the objectives of the various regulators. Assessment are therefore designed and carried out in compliance with appropriate requirements, yet with the best interests of the Client in mind. MTL is indebted to offer the following services, among other:

a. Air quality Monitoring

  • PM10, PM2.5  dust sampling
  • Pollutant Gaseous monitoring
  • Dust Fallout Sampling
  • Meteorological Data Analysis and Climate Assessment
  • Air Quality Data analysis and Routine Reporting


b. Emissions Inventory

  • Process and Technology Review
  • Emissions Inventory
  • Source Monitoring programme Design
  • Emissions Abatement and Best Available Technology Application

c. Dispersion Modelling

  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling
  • Buffer Zone Projection

d. Environmental Noise and Vibration Survey

  • Noise Monitoring
  • Vibration Survey
  • Noise Propagation and Assessment