Mantra Tanzania Limited

October 01, 2009

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Mkuju River Uranium Project including Likuyu – Mkuju Road:

MTL Consulting was appointed by Mantra to coordinate the ESIA study for the Project and assist the Client to Certification. MTL oversaw the Baseline studies for the flora, fauna, soils, water (hydrology and hydrogeology), radiological conditions, air quality and others for both wet and dry seasons. The ESIA report was compiled, submitted and EIA Certificate issued in 2012. The work also included overseeing the application and getting approval for the boundary change of the Selous Game Reserve World heritage site to allow for mining to continue. Reviews of the ESIA report to meet the requirements of the World Heritage Council (WHC), WHC technical advisor, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) were carried out before the application was approved at the 36th Annual meeting of the WHC in St. Petersburg, Russia on 2nd July