High Quality Services

The services provided by MTL consulting company limited have been of high quality and satisfactory to needs of our company. in order to operate in compliance  with the country legislative requirement and in line with international standards. We confidently recommend MTL consulting company limited to satisfactorily provide the above services to any other client.

Mr. Marcus Jacob
Country Manager, Beach Petroleum

Decades of Experience

Mtl Consulting Company Limited has for a number of years been providing consulting services to our company, Geita Gold Mine in the area of :

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Updates of Envinomental Management Plans
  • Research and development of programmes for assistance of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining(ASM) and
  • Geological data collection and mineral resources evaluation for the ASM formalization programme, specifically the Rwangaa ASM Project.

The Services provided by MTL Consulting Company have been of High Quality and satifactory to the needs of our company in order to operated in compliance with the country legislative requirements and in line with recognized international standards.

we confidently recomend MTL Consluting Company Limited to satisfactorily provide the above services to any other client

Terry Mulpeter
Managing Director, Geita Gold Mining Limited

Timely Execution

New Luka Gold Mine (NLGM) is a gold mine owned by Stanta Mining Company Limited (EMCLM) a wholly owned subsidiary company of Shanta Gold Limited (SGL). While the mine was initially operating through open pit mining it switched to underground mining in order to recover reserves that could not otherwise be economically exploited.

In order to achieve the switching to underground mining. The company needed to undertake an Environmental and Social Impact Assesment (ESIA) in order to comply with the countries leagal requirements and meet internationally accepted standards. This assignment was succesfully undertaken by MTL Consulting Company Limited and the Project was awarded the EIA certificate in time.

The Services provided by MTL consulting limited were of high quality and satisfactory to the needs of NLGM. We confidently recommend MTL Consulting Company Limited to satisfactory provide the above services to any other client.

Honest Mrema
Acting General Manager, New Luka Gold Mine

A Team of Proffesionals

The State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) is a Government Parastal Organization Charged with, among other things, the development of the mining sector in the country and specifically, small-scale Mining sector. STAMICO utilizes the services of Consultants and other individual experts.

MTL Consulting Company Limited is one of the local companies whose services have been used satisfactorily by STAMICO in carrying out the following services:

  • Environmental Audit for the Kiwira Coal Mine, Mbeya Region in 2007
  • Due Diligence investigations for the Burchreef Gold Mine, Geita Region in 2016
  • General mining technical advisory services

STAMICO is satisfied by the services rendered by MTL Consulting Company Limited and would recommend the Company for the provision of related services to the Mining Sector.

Zena S. Kongoi
Ag. Managing Director , State Mining Corporation

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