Land Acquisition and Resettlement

MTL conducts Land acquisition and resettlement in accordance to the IFC Performance Standards, Equator principles and World Bank Guidelines. IFC Performance Standard five “Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement” is used as a guideline when conducting Land Acquisition and Resettlement. MTL ensures that the whole process of land acquisition and resettlement is beneficial to the displaced people. MTL works hard to ensure that the resettlement;

  • Avoids or minimizes displacement by exploring project designs;
  • Restores project affected peoples livelihood;
  • Avoids/minimizes adverse social and economic impacts from land acquisition or restrictions on land by providing; (1) compensation for loss of assets and replacement costs and (2) ensuring that resettlement activities are implemented with appropriate disclosure  of information, consultation, and informed participation of those affected.
  • To improve or restore the livelihoods and standards of living of displaced persons; and
  • To improve living conditions among physically displaced persons through the provision of adequate housing with security of tenure at resettlement sites.