Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining (ASM)

Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) is commonly carried out in many parts of Tanzania aiming at production of various types of minerals such as sand, gold, gemstones, gravels, tin, copper ores, gypsum, dimension stones and industrial minerals to mention a few. MTL Consulting Company Ltd provides high quality independent and professional consultancy services to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector in supporting small scale mining within Tanzania and outside Tanzania. Small scale operations usually have limited funding, and ability to optimize the use of fund is critical in these operations. With the increasing overheads and commitments associated with employing full-time staff, outsourcing of Exploration and Mining Personnel makes good economic and legal sense. Other Services we provide include;

  •  Environmental management.
  •  Legal requirements
  •  Delineation of mineralized veins.
  •  Estimation of Tonnes and grade of mineable Resources.
  •  Undertaking Economic viability of the project
  •  Social economic analysis
  •  Mining method selection and implementation
  •  Mineral Processing and Recoveries studies and advice